Sara is the real deal. She is incredibly intelligent and capable, while being humble and compassionate. With Sara’s extensive experience in positive psychology, both through life coaching and teaching the course at Harvard, and her background of transition from corporate America to stay at home motherhood, it seems only fitting that she has identified a way to help other women who have had to consciously shift their thoughts about careers and parenting. I am thrilled that she is helping other mothers find ways to prioritize their children while creating space to pursue their own goals. Flex Mom is a powerful model and has the potential to lift women up in a world which is in desperate need of their leadership, their wisdom and their happiness.
— Shawn Achor, author of New York Times bestselling The Happiness Advantage

Smart, unique and easy to implement, this book is written for the woman who is ready to shift from unhappy and unchallenged at home, to being excited about raising kids and pursuing her own passions. There are so many great ideas for a happy life, I recommend it for working moms too!
— Jaime Myers, owner of Shine Life Design and mother of two boys

I found your discussion of the challenges of being a SAHM particularly refreshing and compassionate—thanks for voicing the things that are sometimes too taboo for the rest of us others to say (and especially about sleep—I have non-sleepers also, alas!).
— Anne G., who earned her PhD in literature while raising two small children

I loved this book! Sara writes with such personal insight and humor about the joys and struggles of being a stay at home mom - I found myself nodding along throughout the whole book. Any mom who stays at home can benefit from reading this and thinking about how she can incorporate the ideas of being a Flex Mom into her life.
— Emily, former cosmetics executive, now stay-at-home mom in NYC

I figure you are very busy but couldn’t resist sending you an email after reading the first fourteen pages of your book. As I flip through the pages, it’s almost like I’m unweaving the tangled thoughts that were drowning inside me. It’s almost like I’m reading about myself.... There’s pain but also a sense of relief to know that there’s someone who understands. I’m anxious to read the rest straight away but I’m being interrupted by my boy and it could take a while before I finish. Just wanted to let you know that the first fourteen pages have, in a way, saved me already.
— Chie Hara Miyagi, high school teacher and mother of a toddler in Tokyo, Japan

As a mother who struggled with the age-old dilemma of choosing between staying at home or staying at work, I found Sara’s book spot-on. Sometimes we need our sisters and friends but sometimes we need a plan and a way to ‘start’ and this book provides that. I encourage all moms and their families to read this book.
— Suzie Combs, mother in Scottsdale, AZ
We’re only halfway through our coaching engagement, but already, Sara has truly helped create a big transformation in my life. When I first started talking to Sara, I felt the weight of the world on my shoulders regarding decisions to make and ideas I had - I felt like I was swirling around in my head, unsure about the steps to take to move forward. Sara listened to me, asked me just the right questions, and helped take the weights off my shoulders one by one. She has celebrated with me and cheered me on as a mom, a business owner, and employee, and I’m so excited about the momentum I have now. Thanks, Sara!
— Marilee B, Flex Mom of two in Colorado