MEDIA: "A new way of approaching motherhood..." - a book review on

I had the opportunity to connect with Rachel Darnall, who recently published an article on reviewing Flex Mom. She's great - the woman loves Star Wars, c'mon, she's after my family's heart - and I appreciate her humor, perspective, and support:

"In our culture, we tend to see motherhood in two, starkly different stereotypes: on the one hand, you have the “Working Mom” model — an uptight career woman, always in black (or perhaps very, very, very dark blue), juggling her phone, her laptop, and her kid with a cold and expert precision. She is consumed with deadlines and clients and data, and darned if she’s going to let the fact that she reproduced stand in the way of her career goals! Contrast this with Stay-at-Home Mom model: hair in a drooping pony-tail, perpetually clad in yoga pants and her husband’s stained t-shirt, her mind never on anything but her children, entirely consumed with domestic matters to the exclusion of all else.

Neither of them are particularly appealing, and I have never met anyone in real life who looked like either one....." 

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