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Big thank you to Mile High Mamas for letting me share the Flex Mom message to the Denver mom community! And Denver moms, if you aren't on their list, you should be - amazing insights into free food days for kids, things to do about town, tips for ski weekends... basically everything you want to know about things in Denver with kids!


Moms, you know that feeling where you’re ready to scream in frustration but you feel so lost that you don’t think anyone would hear you anyway?

Maybe you had a reservation at Sushi Den because you desperately needed to get out two months into maternity leave, and the babysitter cancelled. Maybe you had just cleaned up the house, and you turn around and both kids spilled food all over the floor. Again.

After seven years of stay-at-home parenting, I’ve certainly felt like my mind was going to blow. At one point, I ended up handing the baby to my husband, running to my room, and screaming into a pillow. So nobody heard me.

While what I’m about to say might also apply to working moms, I know for certain that stay-at-home motherhood doesn’t come with warnings about the frustrating endless repetition of raising children – cooking, cleaning, laundry, diaper changes, cooking, cleaning, laundry, diaper changes – or about the loneliness that comes with child-focused, one-sided conversations.

I remember being told I was lucky to be at home with my kids, that not everybody could afford to do this, and that I shouldn’t complain. But without sharing how I really felt, without opening up conversations with other people about how to handle this life, I missed out on opportunities to authentically connect and learn – and then I spiraled further into isolation and frustration.

What if it didn’t have to be this way?


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